Service #1

Education and Consultant: An educational consultant who works with individuals and organizations to improve resilience, improve performance and enhance decision making. I offer evidence based strategies and techniques that have proven to be effective over time as documented in a number of research based studies.            

Optional:  Individual and organization baseline assessments pre and post implementation. 

Service #2

HeartMath Training: Provide training to  individuals, organizations and groups using proven techniques to reduce stress and increase wellbeing to become healthier and better able to meet today’s ever increasing challenges with greater composure and intelligence. (Results that support this statement:‐library/researchlibrary.html

Service #3

Resource Guidance: Create Resource guidance to support home or organization practice of HeartMath techniques. Learning the self regulation and emotional management techniques is a new skill, like diet or exercise, and needs to become a daily practice. One of the best ways to ensure daily practice is to also have a device to practice with, make it a fun game! It can be the emWave® Pro, emWave2®, Inner Balance™ or Inner Balance Bluetooth® technology. Practicing with a device develops increased internal awareness. Because of the focus on their physiology, participants start to notice when they get angry, anxious or upset. They also notice when they start to experience tension or tightness in the body. They really appreciate having something that teaches them so much about themselves.