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Transcendental Meditation (TM)

Create the space to flourish-Learn to Meditate.  Go to this site: to learn about meditation and why TM is a top recommended meditation. See the list of  CEO's, Hollywood Stars and testimonials professionals and regular individuals, as well as the hundreds of scientific studies, proving TM is so incredibly successful, evidence based and guaranteed to improve your life. Recommended by Cleveland Clinic, Forbes and hundreds more. Results are exceptional. Find  your local TM teacher and attend a free introduction class,  go to

Dr.Joe Dispenza - Training & Resources

World wide acclaimed researcher,  teaching the science and application of human transformation, knowledge & practices. 

1. Highly Recommended: Start with his on line Progressive and Intensive training packages. Go to Website.Website: 

2. Download his meditation:  "Blessing of The Energy Centers"  (BTOC) Start with version 1 then progress to next versions...

3. Read his books: You are the Placebo, Evolve your Brain (Paperback),Becoming Supernatural, Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself      Website: 

HeartMath Institute

"It is Time for Heart to Come Front and Center." My quote from the inaugural "Fun First for Women" luncheon 2-1-2020. This website features an introduction to HeartMath information  As a HeartMath professional, I teach HeartMath Resilience Advantage and continue to learn and evolve through continuous participation in HeartMath on-line programs. and

Reap Abundant Rewards -Make TM, BOTEC and HeartMath practices a daily habit

Coherent Resilience, Beautiful Resonance, Creation & a Universe of Abundance is no joke. These are Real and Achievable. It is our individual responsibility to learn and PRACTICE these skills to awaken our rightful gifts.  "Just Do It" - Nike

Money and Your Financial Health - Anthony Locascio

Anthony LoCascio is a gifted money advisor, helping to create healthy finances,  even when you think it is not possible. NOTE: I only recommend services, websites and professionals from my personal experiences and success! Contact Anthony at or call

 phone: 908-730-8599  Become Stress free with a sound financial plan. Just do it...!

Medicare healthCare Insurance Consultant - Kathy Jones

Need to change or obtain healthcare insurance?and transition to the best option for you? It's a maze out there. Kathy Jones is my consultant and has helped me create the safety net of medicare insurance that I need. Contact Kathy Jones at 908-251-2582. Say Stephanie referred you.

Healthy Life with Arbonne and Denisse Puente

Health Living in all ways - Skin, Makeup and especially Nutrition. We are creators. Our Light Body needs to be nourished with organic living food and Arbonne Consultant is Denisse Puente-Orbe.  Contact Denisse at 973-493-8375 and tell her Stephanie sent you.